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Accessibility Services

Providing access to everyone regardless of Disability.

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What We Do

E-digital Infosolutions is an e-Publishing Service provider as a state-of-art, professionally managed IT enabled organization.
E-digital Infosolutions, offers customized Business Process Outsourcing Services which suits the individual requirements of our customers. We are offering wide range of services such as

Epub Conversion, Ebook Conversion, XML Conversion, Accessibility Services

, ePublishing Service, Desktop Publishing Services, Author Services, Graphic Designing, IT Service etc…

Software Developement

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

App Developement

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Displays with Retina Icons, Fonts & Images.

Web Development

Optimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.


Get your content Polished for Publications by checking for mistakes, repetition, inconsistency

Proof Reading

Compare the edited copy with the proof before print to ensure quality content.


Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.

eBook Conversion(ePub/Mobi)

Our eBook conversion team ensures to produce quality eBooks that are readable in all eReader platforms.

PDF Accessibility

We ensure to make all your documents accessible to everyone despite of disability.

ePub Accessibility

eReading applications ensure accessibility by factors like semantics, SVG, metadata, Text-to-speech, style sheets, navigation, scripted interactivity, media overlays and other factors.

How We Work

eDigital Infosolutions immensely values its customers. As a customer-centric organization, we strive to measure our success in accordance with the satisfaction of our clients from our services and strive to grow by improving with their valuable feedback. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we follow a threefold approach with the following elements:


About Us

Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, eDigital Infosolutions is a leading e-Publishing Service provider and IT-enabled organization in India. Our primary services include e-Publishing services and IT services such as the development of professional websites, applications and different kinds of conversion of data. Our primary focus to offer services is based on the individual needs of our clients that separate us from others. The three key elements that could define our services are world-class technology, industry best practices and adherence to the deadline as stated by the users of our services

World-Class Technology

The developers at eDigital Infosolutions are fully aware of the importance of responsiveness in the development of websites and applications across various platforms. Because people prefer to use smartphones, tablets, phablets and other devices these days, other than desktop and laptops, responsiveness is a must-have feature to not just attract new visitors to a website but also encourage the existing ones to keep coming back. Keeping this in mind, our developers employ all that it takes to not only build a powerful layout but to also add responsiveness to it so a website or an application can be easily adapted to the size of the screen, regardless of the device on which it is viewed. Technology features at the top of our agenda: we attach a greater degree of importance to the use of technology and modern procedures so the subscribers to our services get the best possible solution in the industry. Also, we ensure that our human resources keep abreast with up-to-date information to accomplish this task in an effective manner. Besides development and data conversion services, we also provide professional solutions for data entry, proofing, ePUB conversion, XML/SGML tagging and so on

Industry Best Practices

As far as the standard practices of our organization are concerned, we adopt the best practices in the industry. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we always lay emphasis on three principal aspects: client focus, great teamwork, on-time delivery. With experience which spans for several years, we understand how these attributes can make a difference in shaping up and advancing the business prospects of our clients. Our services are aimed at providing value for money to our clients.

Delivers Results

The company was established with the view to provide its clients with comprehensive solutions pertaining to digital, publishing and IT-related services across the board. When it comes to the publication of forms or development of professional websites or applications, our workforce is committed to delivering the best to our clients that their money can get. We understand how quality solutions delivered in a timely manner can be the difference between making or breaking the deal for the businesses owned by our clients. Also, we do not hesitate to go the extra mile if required to deliver positive outcomes. We, at eDigital Infosolutions, measure our growth in terms of customer satisfaction based on the delivery of results and aspire to keep growing with their experience.