Desktop Publishing Services

We, at eDigital Infosolutions, have the reputation of being one of the best typesetting companies around the world. With skilled DTP operators on our team, who lay emphasis on typesetting and template designing, we have a dedicated team of layout artists to redesign books, charts, brochures etc

Typesetting Services

One of the highlights of our typesetting services is multilingual typesetting. It is tailor-made to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our professional services involve the elements such as images and texts; our professional typesetters use them judiciously to meet the requirements of our clients.

Template Designing Services

If your website deals with updates such as news or multimedia, you may feel the need to upgrade your website every now and then. Our template designs are custom-made to help you change the design of your website on the go and with ease.

Author Services

Are you planning to submit your research paper or publish your book? We have a comprehensive solution for you. We cover a wide range of writing services in this category, including editorial services, book cover design services and formatting services

Editorial Services

Our team of expert proof-readers and editors has an answer to the challenges related to editorial services. By assigning us the tasks related to editorial services, you can rest assured that you will get quality services from our end in the way you want.

Copy Editing Services

It needs a critical eye with an attention to detail to give a touch of professionalism to any document. Our team of experts can assist you in enhancing yours by improving its clarity, eliminating the common grammatical and typographical mistakes, maintaining the appropriateness of academic style and so on.

Proof Reading Services

The use of correct grammar and proper punctuation is one of the imperatives which separates a well-conceived task from the one which is based on a sloppy effort. Our proofreading services are aimed at eliminating both grammatical and structural mistakes

Indexing Services

Indexing is one of the core elements that draw a line of separation between a professionally written research paper and the one which is written by an amateur. Our experts can help you meet this requirement with ease

Alt Text Writing Services

It is a challenge in itself for people who are blind or face vision-related issues to see an image. Our alternative text writing services are designed to help visually-impaired people figure out the elements in an image. We take pride in making the content of academic books accessible to sight-impaired readers.

Content Writing Services

From grammatical correctness to setting the ideas in a sequence, you can always rely on the content writers of our workforce to get unique, compelling and engaging content for your business or other requirements.

Book Cover Design Services

If you have been looking for a reliable service provider for book cover design services, your search ends right here. Our book cover design services are meant to deliver what our clients look for, depending on the kind of books they wish to publish.

Formatting Services

We are the global leaders when it comes to formatting services. Our professionals can transform the look of your ordinary MS Word documents into something that looks appealing and impressive by using different customized services and styles with regard to various sections